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The boy, the letter and the toad
28 Mar 2024, About 4,900 words
The fish man fell to the ground wide eyed, gasping for air, clawing at his newly formed gills…

Dream Girls
27 Sep 2023, About 3,500 words
Winston was dreaming…

The tooth fairy always comes
5 Sep 2023, About 1,600 words
Charity was five and a half. Mr Charles (her father) was forty one and three quarters…

9 May 2023, About 3,000 words
Brother Compassion stood in the courtyard of the most central and holy of the temple buildings and fretted with his robes…

1 May 2023, About 500 words
So you’re writing in a Starbucks when a woman gets up and starts screaming…

Stories elsewhere

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On improvement in chess
12 Jan 2024
Are ya winning, son?

No, please, anything but my revealed preferences!
05 Mar 2024
I promise I do not desire to live in the pod and eat bugs.